Installation of a double-winged gate:

  1. Place wooden slats at a height of 5 cm under the gate
  2. Place the gate frame at a maximum of 11 cm from the inner edge of the wall / pillar / due to the later installation of el. drive
  3. Put the gate wing into the spirit level
  4. Set the first anchor at the top right
  5. Subsequently set additional anchors
  6. Put the gate wing into the spirit level
  7. Capture the lower hinge of the wing
  8. Attach the second wing of the gate
  9. Get the upper hinge of the gate wing
  10. Place the gate wing to the already fitted second gate wing so that the center stop rail is flush with the other wing
  11. Set the lower hinge
  12. To cut off the missing screws
  13. Set the stop on the gate